After qualifying, you will sign a commission agreement with GRH and you’ll be assigned to a salon within the GRH Group.

    We will run a promotion to help you build a client base. We’ll give you e-Brochures and promotional vouchers to hand out whenever you identify a prospective client. And we’ll give you Friends Vouchers to motivate your clients to refer their friends to you.

    We’ll also set up a weekly training program for you and establish a career plan for you to work towards. There’ll be quarterly performance appraisals and team-building interventions, and before you know it, you’ll be taking home a 5-figure income, monthly!

    Interested? Then e-mail us to get the application process rolling… and don’t forget to attach your CV and a copy of your Trade Test certificate.

    Send an email to:



    If you want to become a superstar stylist, then this is where it all begins…

    An apprenticeship at GRH can last anywhere between 6 and 36 months, depending on whether or not you’ve done your academic hairdressing studies beforehand, or whether or not you have any natural hairdressing ability. One thing is for sure though: if you have the right attitude we can train you in next to no time! However, be prepared for a whole lot of hard work, as well as the best training available in the industry.

    Oh, and before we forget, you need to study – a minimum of 18 months part-time (one day a week) or 1 year full-time (four days a week), at any accredited institution, and this is going to set you back about R50,000! At the same time, you need to work your way through the GRH Training Manual, sourcing models EVERY WEEK as we prepare you for going onto the salon floor.

    If you’re still interested, then we’d love to meet you. Just e-mail us and tell us (in less than a hundred words) why you think that you deserve a chance to do your apprenticeship at Gary Rom Hairdressing.

    Send your email to

    Manager / Hostess

    If you have what it takes to lead a team and manage a Gary Rom Hairdressing salon, then send us an email together with a picture of yourself and your CV.

    This position is so important as you will become the first face that the client sees when they arrive and the last face that they see when you leave the salon. At Gary Rom Hairdressing, we constantly strive to ensure that our clients receive five star treatment every time they are in our salon. Whether it is a clients first visit or fiftieth visit, they all deserve that extra special service and treatment, something which makes the Gary Rom brand so unique.

    Send your email to