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The space has been carefully designed to invoke and create the feeling of a masculine environment.  Materials used include French oak, Red brick, exposed copper piping, brushed steel and visual displays that cannot help but attract attention. From the time you see the salon and enter, to the time you exit, no stone has been unturned to ensure the ultimate grooming experience. At Gary Rom Man, cutting hair is something we do, it’s not who we are. We are all about differentiating ourselves from any and all opposition in the market place.

At Gary Rom Man, the following factors will ensure that we are market leaders:

  • There will be a host/hostess that welcomes guests, with a “tapas” style menu of services.  This will enable us to “upsell” clients professionally. You know as well as I do that people are inherently shoppers. We walk into retail environments everyday wanting one thing, and leaving with another.  So when clients walk into the salon for a cut, they will leave with a beard trim, perhaps an eyebrow threading service, or a straight razor shave with hot steam. Most men will have multi-services done.
  • The host/hostess will explain retail offerings and services to each guest, ensuring that all clients are on a first-name basis, creating rapport and warmth.
  • The barbers will be dressed in khaki chinos, white shirts, and brown leather aprons, these will house their equipment, this alone will attract guests, as no other barber has a professional dress code.
  • Single malt whiskey and beer will be offered.
  • The smell of coffee beans that have been freshly ground offering cappuccino and expresso will permeate through the entire inside and outside of the space, attracting interest and a European café sidewalk vibe.
  • A complimentary shoe shine station will be provided just outside the space, for men that want a quick polish and shine.
  • There will be classy furniture outside the space, where guests can sit and chat, have a coffee while they wait for their service, the “chill” factor and vibe of this space will be unequalled.
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