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I have been in the hair industry since 2014 where I took the jump towards something I felt I have a passion for. I started my training at a salon called Terenzo Hair International where I learnt and grew an even greater passion for the hair industry.

I got the opportunity to be on a hair show called Die Hare Waai where I competed with 5 others in creating different hair styles for each episode, I found this very fun and challenging as it puts you a bit on the spot, I feel sometimes that is the best way to learn.

I joined Gary Rom in 2017 to continue and learn from a professional salon group that has very high standards in the hair industry  and that is the standard I want for my clients and also their uncompromising stance on the condition of there clients hair which I feel allot of people forget about.

Working in the hair industry I get to meet so many new people every day and everyone has a different story, and wants a different look and I get to help them accomplish it, no matter how small the difference may be.

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