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In Syria, where i come from, we have a saying; “Not anyone that holds scissors and a comb can be called a stylist”. Being a stylist its not just about cutting hair, for me its about providing a unique experience to each and every customer, no matter his or her age, race or gender. It’s about building long term relationships and understanding the need of the customer.

I have been a hairstylist for a long time, but without passion experience means nothing. I make sure my customers get what they came for, and leave with a smile on their face and feeling of satisfaction.

I have over the years built an amazing customer base which I am very grateful to and can really call friends on a personal level.

My services include threading for ladies and gents, cutting, styling, beard shaping and shaving.

Its not easy for someone to emigrate to a country and start a new life. South Africa and its people have been really kind to me and look forward to building more relationships in this country I have fallen in love with.

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