Most of our stylists have all gone through our apprentice program. However, we do accept applications from hairstylists who are wanting to further their career. After qualifying as an apprentice through the Gary Rom group, you will sign a commission agreement with GRH and you will be assigned to a salon within the group. We will run a promotion to help you build a client base. We’ll give you e-Brochures and promotional vouchers to hand out whenever you identify a prospective client. And we’ll give you Friends Vouchers to motivate your clients to refer their friends to you. We’ll also set up a weekly training program for you and establish a career plan for you to work towards. There will be quarterly performance appraisals and team-building interventions, and before you know it, you will be taking home a 5-figure income, monthly!

Interested? Then e-mail us to get the application process rolling and don’t forget to attach your CV and a copy of your Trade Test certificate!

Send an email to: