Gary Rom started a training concept called Technique Professionnelle Salon Systems in 2002, and together with Nico Doman, then general Manager of L’Oreal, they started to train certain salons in the industry on the business side of hairdressing. 

This concept evolved into the  XMC  program that has been in existence in South Africa for the last nine years. Apprentices that go to college are taught all of the “skills” aspects of the trade, such as cutting methodology, colour techniques, blow drying skills etc, but lack the understanding of how to work on clients in the salon environment. Gary set about developing a range of modules, and these were based on all of the aspects to hairdressing that the colleges did not teach. These include, Time Management, Retail Selling skills, Consultation technique, Learning to overcome objections, Dream colour capes, Liquid tool sales etc. 

The XMC sessions are also designed to try and uplift every single hairdresser or apprentice who attends these sessions. We have had a wide range of speakers at these sessions including psychologists, dietitians, motivational speakers and various product representatives of the brands that we use in the Gary Rom Hairdressing group. 

At Gary Rom Hairdressing, we focus extensively on education and training. We have various other training sessions that take place in and out of our salons: 


Our Colour Training is headed up by Jacky Mckie. Jacky was head of L’Oreal technical training for many years and joined the company five years ago. Colour Training takes place from Monday to Thursday’s at our head office in Pretoria. Our staff are continually attending these training sessions on a rotational basis every few weeks, from our youngest apprentice to our most experienced stylist. AT Colour Training, our staff are taught everything that there is to know about colour: mixing colour, fixing colour, using colour techniques and staying up to date with latest colour trends. 


Every single Tuesday afternoon from 4pm to 6pm, we have Cutting Training in all of our salons. These training sessions are overseen by our cutting trainers who will assist our apprentices during these sessions. Each apprentice is required to bring in two models a week to practice a certain cut or colour technique that is required for that specific week. As soon as an apprentice or stylist joins the Gary Rom Hairdressing group, they will receive cutting training manuals as well as DVD’s which they will follow accordingly. They will then be graded on their cuts and colours in order to determine when they will go onto the salon floor to work as a full time stylist. 


Gary Rom Hairdressing is well renowned for the in salon training and education that we apply. Each stylist has their very own apprentice working with them. This apprentice is not just an ordinary “helper” in the salon. Instead, they are seen to be “learners” in the salon, and are also known as apprentices. These apprentices are receiving continuous education in the salon from stylists to help equip them with the correct information and guidance to set them up to complete their apprenticeship as soon as possible. The apprentices are often trained in front of the client and by doing this, the client will also be educated about their own hair. 

If you are interested in training, please contact Lloyd directly on email: